Pomor Old Believers memorial sites.

Alexey Bezgodov, member of the Russian Ancient Ortodox Pomor Church council,
research assosiate in Old Believer Culture and History Museum, postgraduate of Perm State Teacher`s University
Mocow, Russia

A special project is being run by the Russian Ancient Ortodox Pomor Church council History and Archive Department, and its purpose is Old Believers memorial site and religious monument studing and renewal. This project suggests setting up a commemorial cross in every historical place of the Old Believe. Pilgrimage to the memorial sites and common divine service for martyres of the faith are very important for consolidation of Old Believers and activization of their parish spiritual life nowadays. This will help different Old Believers generetions to understand each other better and to hold in respect the spiritual heritage of their ancestry. An account on already implemented parts of this project and information about further plans regarding this kind of activity are given in this writing.