Social psychological portrayal of an Old Believer in Nikolay Lekov`s creative works in the 1860s.

Josif Trofimov, Dr. habil. philology, professor,
Daugavpils State University
Daugavpils, Latvia

The author gives a detailed analysis of the Account „On Riga „raskolniks...”” made by Nikolay Leskov in the context of the writer`s world views and biographical data. Leskov`s slightly ironical views on the Riga Old Believers customs are interpreted here in connection with Leskov`s attitude towards the church institution in general, his official status and his viewpoint on the role of education in the making an enlightened society. In that way one can find here the basic features of Leskov`s social psychological portrayal of Old Believers and contextual explanation of its origin as well.