Vyaznik Old Believers in Vyg monastery, or new material for Mikhail Vyshatin`s biography.

Alexey Marokhin,
Vyazniki, Vladimir district, Russia

Mikhail Vyshatin is one of the most important founders and spiritual leaders of Vyg monastery. His significance could be put into comparison with Andrey Denisov`s authority, the man, who wrote „Pomor Responses”. Therefore nowadays we have close-listed data on biography of this outstanding personality. The main purpose of this research paper is filling this gap by investigation of Mikhail Vyshatin`s relative ties to Vyaznik Old Believers. Material from archieves gives an opportunity to reconstruct spiritual and economical contacts between the Vyg monastery and Vyazniki village, that due to Mikhail Vyshatin`s activities influenced strongly the Old Believer congregation life.