Vyatka region government policy in relation to Old Believers in the early 20th century.

Julia Pershina, Dr. history, the head of History, Social and Political education Chair,
Institute of Educational Staff Improvement and Retraining
Kirov, Russia

This research paper contains views on the Tsarist government confessional politics in the Russian Empire in the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20 th century. The Official Russian Ortodox Church this time considered missionary work to be one of the most important field of activity that influenced educational and religious upbringing policy in schools step by step. Though arrangements made in Vyatka region emboded first interests of the Official Church, Old Believers got the rights to learn the fundementals of the Christian faith in schools as well. The head issues of this publication concern the ways of institution of religious education in Old Believers` area, the province government and the Official Church representatives reaction to this process as well.